The Ideal Client falls into two categories for The Pierce Agency: Aspiring & Emerging. We want to work with authors and playwrights who fit into either category. It is our goal to take you to the next level with our expertise and knowledge of writing, publishing and brand marketing. But we cannot do it alone. You must invest in yourself as well. A budget is imperative to achieving your publishing/producing goals, so be prepared to align your budget with our services.
Feel free to email us with questions if you are not sure which area you fall into:

An aspiring author/playwright is someone who has an idea for a book or play, but is not quite sure how to even go about writing it. They have never written nor published a book/play, but have the desire to learn how. The aspiring writer has no platform or brand established and has none or very little experience marketing with social media.

An emerging author/playwright has either self-published or used a small press to publish at least one book. Or has self-produced a play in a small community theatre. Sales for books/tickets were nil to okay, but they have no idea what to do or go to next for the next project. The emerging writer has established a platform and has a social media presence.